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    Giving Care: Communication Is Key

    • Look the person in the eye.
    • Lean into the person or put a hand on the person’s arm or shoulder; remember that not everyone likes to be touched so this may not be effective.

    Talk directly to the person

    • It may be easy for caregivers to “multi-task” as they prepare meals, do laundry, take someone to the grocery store, or accompany them to a doctor’s appointment.

    • It is important to set aside time to have one-on-one conversation.

    • This may save time in the long run because misunderstandings can be avoided.

    • If the care receiver feels heard and understood they may talk about something that is a concern or fear.

    Avoid arguing

    • Listen to concerns and try to understand the other person’s experience and opinions.
    • Remember that it is still his or her life and care.
    • Focus on meeting unmet needs and not on conflict.

    Use humor when appropriate

    • Humor can help ease tension.
    • Most caregivers and care receivers know each other well enough to find humor in the situation.

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