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    Coping With Lung Cancer

    • Plan your days as you’ve always done.
    • Don’t stop doing the things you like to do just because you have cancer.
    • Find small things in life to look forward to each day.
    • You can also set dates and events to look forward to. Don’t limit yourself. Look for reasons to hope, while staying aware of what’s at hand.

    Inner Strength

    People with cancer find strength they didn’t know they had. You may have felt overwhelmed when you first learned that your doctors couldn’t control your cancer. And now you aren’t coping as well as you did in the past. But your feelings of helplessness may change. You may find physical and emotional reserves that have always been inside. Calling on your inner strength can help revive your spirit.

    Some people find it helpful to focus on the present instead of the past or future. They start a new daily routine. They accept that it may have to be different from the old routine. Others like to plan ahead and set goals. With places to go and things to do, life stretches out before them. Also, consider focusing on the relationships you have with people close to you.

    Inner strength is different for each person. So, draw on the things in your life that are meaningful to you.



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