Fruit On Your Face? 5 Reasons To Say Yes!

fruit displayed on a grocery store shelf( — Reading the ingredients on some skin care products could lead you to believe that the manufacturers ran out of supplies and decided to improvise with produce. Items such as orange, apple and pomegranate are finding their way into an increasing number of skin care products.

The timing of this trend suspiciously coincides with rising interests in alternative and natural lifestyles. And although companies may be including fruit extracts for the sake of profits, you should consider using them for the sake of the benefits.

What’s Wrong With Traditional Skin Care Products?

The idea that fruit can help resolve skin care issues is not likely to set well with everyone. Natural solutions are just too simple for some people. They would rather put their faith in products with complicated ingredients that a person must struggle to pronounce. That’s unfortunate, because an increasing amount of evidence suggests that some synthetic ingredients can do more harm than good. Fruit extracts, on the other hand, are proving themselves beneficial not only when eaten, but also when worn. We’re not saying to trash the cleanser you’ve used for years. But, it’s important to know you have options, and to incorporate some natural ingredients, if you can.

Believing that fruit extracts can benefit you is somewhat pointless if you don’t know the different purposes that different ingredients serve. Here’s some help: