Acne Scars: Make Them Go Away For Good

pretty african american woman putting moisturizer on her skin
If you have darker skin, there’s one skin issue that you dread more than most others: acne. And as if the acne itself wasn’t bad enough, you’re left with an unwelcome, sometimes long-lasting reminder of it…scars.

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When it comes to beauty woes, acne scars are right up there with unwanted facial hair and nail fungus. You really don’t want them, and it’s really hard to get rid of them. While they aren’t always easy to treat, there are ways to help reduce their appearance. And with long term treatment, you may be able to remove them permanently. Here’s what you need to know…

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Why Do I Scar?
Dermatologists aren’t exactly sure why, but the melanin in darker skins definitely has a part to play. Family history might have to do with it, so if scarring is in your genes, then you may be more likely to experience problems. Severe acne can cause scarring, too. If you have severe acne or are prone to scarring, it is especially important to treat the acne and scars early before scar tissue has time to develop (making the mark more difficult to treat). Here’s what you can do…

What Can I Do About Scars?