Coping With Loss On Mother's Day

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If you’ve lost your mother to either a sudden or a long-term illness or accident, your Mother’s Day may be especially painful. Even if you lost your mother years ago, you may still struggle with depression, sadness, grief or despair.

There are no words…

Grief is grief is grief. It’s something that each person experiences differently and reacts to differently. But…there are some ways to seeking healthy relief from this sometimes overwhelming feeling:

1. Let yourself grieve. Denying or fighting your sadness makes it worse, and isn’t physically or emotionally healthy. Give yourself time to mourn. Go for a solitary walk or drive – invite your partner or loved one if you feel like it. Take some quiet time to reflect and honor your memories. Don’t feel guilty about crying, being angry, or not feeling like doing much of anything. The best thing you can do right now is to be honest with yourself and allow yourself to grieve.