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    How To Rock Your Natural Hair Straight & Curly

    The products in the Design Essentials® Strengthening Therapy System were specifically formulated to address the concerns of women who are relaxed, natural and transitioning through properties and ingredients designed to strengthen the hair from the inside. The Elongation Mousse, Transitioning Mousse and Silkening Spray contain micro-fine amino acids which infuse the hair’s inner layer with strengthening protein. The products help to block humidity, which prevent reversion and feature nourishing botanicals such as sweet almond oil, rose hip oil, honey and panthenol to infuse the hair with needed moisture. The benefits of the Strengthening Therapy System last for up to 12 weeks and don’t permanently alter the texture of the hair.

    Brownie Sims, owner of the Brownie Brushes Salon in Los Angeles has found the Design Essentials® Strengthening Therapy System meets the needs of her clientele. “Most of my clients are natural but like to wear their hair straight. I use it myself and it lasts and lasts, so much that people can’t believe I don’t have a relaxer.”

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