Stop The Sneezing! 3 Ways To Avoid Spring Allergies


Some 35 million Americans suffer from sneezing, sniffling, stuffiness and itchy eyes due to spring allergies, according to experts from the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI).


“People with spring allergies often don’t realize how many things can aggravate their allergy symptoms, so they just muddle along and hope for an early end to the season,” said Dr. Myron Zitt, former ACAAI president, in a college news release. “But there’s no reason to suffer. A few simple adjustments in habits and treatment can make springtime much more enjoyable.”

1. Allergists recommend allergy-sufferers keep their house and car windows closed so pollen can’t drift in from outdoors. They also recommend making sure to use the right air filter. Inexpensive central-furnace or air-conditioning filters and ionic electrostatic room cleaners aren’t helpful, the allergists said. Ionic electrostatic air filters release ions that can irritate allergies. And whole-house filtration systems can only be effective if the filters are changed regularly.