Should I Still Work Out If I Forgot My…

african american woman stretching in the gym( — So you showed up to the gym, all ready to get your calorie burning and muscle-building game on, only to discover that you forgot your gym shoes. Or your socks. Or your lock. Should you just give up working out for the day, or is there another solution?

1. Sports Bra

Forgetting your sports bra is enough to ruin any workout, and most women have definitely done this. But, before you give up and go home, know that there are workouts you can still do (but others that should always be avoided). Keep in mind that lack of proper support from a sports bra can cause pain, elasticity loss, and stretch marks. Wearing your regular bra, choose low-impact activities that are not going to cause much, if any, bounce. Weightlifting, yoga, and walking on the treadmill are all good bets.

2. Gym Lock

Never leave your belongings in an unlocked gym locker. Gym theft does happen, and when your things are stolen from an unsecured locker, most gyms will not cover the loss. While it may be annoying, bring your belongings with you onto the gym floor. Stash your bag next to the machine you’re working out on; if you’re taking a class, leave your bag against a wall where you can see it.