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    Why Venus Williams Went Vegan

    Vegan Diet

    A vegetarian diet is one of the common recommendations for people suffering from Sjogren’s Syndrome. Since it is considered an autoimmune disease, the dietary changes for Sjogren’s aim to reduce the impact of inflammation. Patients are advised to change to a vegetarian diet while increasing the amount of vitamins and minerals they consume from food sources.

    There have been rumors among fans that Venus Williams may be on a gluten free diet. However, she has not confirmed this information, and her previous statements only mention a vegan diet. Although some medical experts recommend a gluten free diet for people with Sjogren’s Syndrome, there is still debate on this topic. Not everyone who suffers from Sjogren’s has celiac disease and requires a gluten free diet.

    Venus has admitted to now carefully evaluating her food choices to reduce the impact of the disease and the adjustment bodes well for the future of her health.

    Are you a vegan or vegetarian who has seen your health improve after eliminating meat or animal products from your diet? If not, do you know of anyone else that has?

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