"Time Of The Month" Myths

tampons, pads and flower

feminine hygiene – beauty treatment

Women deal with periods for such a significant part of their lives that you’d think they’d be experts on the subject, right? Wrong. Even after years of Aunt Flo’s monthly visits, it’s still difficult to know the difference between fact and some very ubiquitous myths.

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For example, is it true that you can’t swim during your period, or that you should avoid sex? Or that you shouldn’t relax your hair? Or exercise? Are you supposed to have a period every month? Can you get pregnant during your period? And what’s a “normal” cycle?

“Many women are clueless about their menstrual cycles,” says Joyce Weckl, NSM, a certified-nurse midwife with California HealthFirst Physicians in Camarillo, Calif. “But it makes sense. How many women sit around talking about the number of pads they soak through, or exactly how long their cycle lasts for each month?”

If you’re curious about your cycle, here’s the truth behind some of the most confusing myths.