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    Sex Uneducated: Why Teens Think they Can’t Get Pregnant

    Yes, you read the title correctly.

    There’s some sort of initiative–maybe a better word is disease–sweeping the country where people of all ages, especially young, use these five words: “It’ll never happen to me.”


    A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report revealed stark details about the ill-advised minds of teens during a four-year span. Teenage females, between the ages of 15-19 years old who were surveyed from 2004-2008, revealed that misconceptions were among top factors that contributed to their unplanned pregnancy.

    In the Jan. 20 study, researchers found that 50.1% of of white, black and Hispanic teen females did not use any contraception before their pregnancy, and nearly one-third, 31.4%, believed that could not get pregnant.  In fact, some teens failed to have a transparent understanding of ovulation and menstrual cycles, while others thought that pregnancy could not occur the same time they lost their virginity.

    In an age where condom drives are prevalent and sex education literature is often distributed, the startling report questions whether disseminated information for teenagers is being ignored or simply translated into a complicated fact a 15-year-old could not understand.

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