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    Proposal vs. Ring…What’s More Important?

    As a man who is not only contemplating marriage seriously for the first time (yes, they still make us), I’ve been doing some research on the best and most creative ways to propose.

    I’ve seen some creative proposals on YouTube including a man who jumps off the side of a building onto a huge air pillow.  Another video is a man who created a movie played in a theater detailing his quest to be her husband.  And yet another proposal involved a man walking from the ocean to proclaim his endless love to his future bride.

    All of these and more got me thinking about what a proposal really means, what it stands for. Is it simply a great story to tell your friends, kids and grandkids? Is it supposed to be a big show, or can an simple proposal say just as much about the love the two of you share?

    When I first posed this question, a (female) friend asked:  “It doesn’t matter what kind of proposal it is, I just need to have a big ring.”  Others chimed in as well, saying that the size of the ring is best.

    So I decided to ask you:  If a man decides he wants to spend the rest of his life with you (or if a woman wants to propose to her man), isn’t that enough? Do we need the 5-carat ring, the elaborate proposal, the big wedding?

    Which would you choose?

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