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    How to Talk to Your Teen about S-E-X

    As a parent, you may suspect it. You may want to say something. You may even do something about it…but you don’t know how.

    According to an Oprah Magazine sex survey, 46 percent of 15-18 year-old girls who have had intercourse claim their mothers don’t know. The study also says 78% of girls who have had intercourse have not used condoms—and 56% say they used no birth control at all.

    So how do you have the talk about sex with your teen without sounding outdated, overprotective or just plain ol’ out of touch?

    According to one of our experts, the talk shouldn’t only be about STD prevention and pregnancy, it’s also about empowerment.

    The conversation needs to include pleasure and self-stimulation. You don’t want her to have sex right now…But you eventually want her to have a fulfilling, happy, loving, intimate sex life.

    When the time comes, she’s that much more likely to make those healthy decisions since she feels good about who she is as a sexual person and not just give away that gift to anybody—the first time or any time.

    Some experts (moms and dads) say if you suspect that your children are thinking about having sex, you need to ask them these four (4) important questions.

    1.) Why now?
    2.) How long do you all plan to stay together?
    3.) Have you talked about what happens if you/her gets pregnant?
    4.) Are you sure that neither one of you is being forced into having sex?
    5.) Have you two talked about safe sex?

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