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    The Latest Cigarette Packaging Controversy

    Another lawsuit concerning cigarettes is making its way through the courts these days. This lawsuit has to do with whether the federal government can force cigarette manufacturers to place explicit photographs on cigarette packages of people with cancer and other graphic images, as well as toll-free numbers for smoking cessation programs.

    The Obama Administration is trying to convince a judge that the federal government has the right to force cigarette makers to place disturbing images on the top half of cigarette packs, including pictures of a cancer-ridden mouth and a pair of diseased lungs next to a pair of healthy lungs. A bipartisan congressional agreement had informed the FDA that these labels were to be implemented, but the tobacco industry sued the federal government prior to the rules going into effect, rules that are already implemented in neighboring Canada.

    From recent reports, it appears that the judge is not necessarily favoring the government’s arguments and may side with the tobacco industry against the enforced use of these warning labels. The government contends that this is necessary for the protection of the health of many Americans who would otherwise continue—or begin—a very decidedly unhealthy habit.

    What do you think?

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