Are You Pushing Too Hard?

    Well folks, it’s 12 days before Christmas. If you celebrate this holiday then there chances are that you’re pushing yourself too hard as you prepare for the days to come.

    The holidays can be fun, but they’re also stressful and can send you to the end of your limits, both physically and emotionally.

    So, what are your strategies for making sure that these next few weeks don’t sap all of your strength and send you to the brink of illness or stress-induced exhaustion? What are your plans for self care and stress management amidst the busy plans afoot?

    Here are some ideas and gentle suggestions:

    Hydration: Make sure you stay hydrated. It’s easy to forget to drink enough fluids when you’re running around, and dehydration can result in headaches, constipation, and other avoidable ills.

    Eat well: When you’re busy, it’s also easy to forget to eat healthy foods, relying instead on fast food, sugar, processed foods and other things that are quick and cheap. Poor nutritional status will compromise your health and you just won’t feel as good for the holiday fun that’s to come.

    Exercise: Even if your regular routine is interrupted by the holidays and the preparations for times with family and friends, you can at least make sure that you go for a brisk walk every day, do some yoga, or otherwise keep your body in shape.

    Relax: Meditation, relaxation CDs, prayer, time alone in nature—all of these can bring you back to your center when you’re slightly off kilter.

    Make the holidays as healthy as they can be by maintaining your own health while managing stress and staying fit. You’ll enjoy your holidays more if you’re rested and well fed, so see to it that you don’t neglect yourself at this busy time of year!


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