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    This inaugural blog posting suggests that people can be stuck at times. They may have difficulty trying to figure out when, if, how, or to what extent they should change themselves or change their relationships. Sometimes, people will remain stuck for years in a state of unhappiness and may even blame others for why they feel negatively about themselves and about life. For those people who are in stagnant relationships, they may believe that their romantic partner may be keeping them from being the best person that he/she can be.

    Well, today is going to be different….and so will tomorrow….and the next day….and the day after that. Why? Because this blog will challenge you to evolve into the new you and take control of yourself and your future. Are you up for the challenge?  If not, you may end up doing what you’ve been doing well into the future and not give yourself a chance to be happy. If you are up for the challenge, keep reading…

    We spend so much time arguing, bickering, and fighting over life circumstances and issues only to discover that we have surrendered our happiness. We position ourselves in friendships and romantic relationships thinking that the other person has the responsibility of making us happy. When we discover that the other person cannot make us happy, we get frustrated, angry, or pissed off and will challenge whether or not this is the “One” or offer, “She/He doesn’t understand me.”  Successful relationships are those relationships that allow us to be ourselves.

    If we are not ourselves, then that means that somewhere down the line, we chose to not be ourselves or decided that our partners were responsible for making sure that we could be ourselves. Love is about acceptance of oneself and then having it reflected back by the other person who, in turn, gives us him/herself in a healthy way.  If one is dissatisfied with him/herself, then it is his/her responsibility to make healthy decisions for him/herself to change and grow.

    This blog is an invitation for you to share your story/questions/concerns about being personally stuck or romantically stuck. I will offer feedback, stories, and ideas about how you can evolve into a better person for you—and to be a better person within the context of your romantic relationship. Give yourself the absolute best of you by developing clarity about what you want from yourself and then articulating it to those around you.  Evolve!


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