Daily Archive: November 12, 2012

    A man measuring his waist with tape measure

    Weight Loss

    7 Simple Ways To Burn More Belly Fat

    How do you lose belly fat? Why is it so important to take control of your midsection? Aside from aesthetics, belly fat is the most…

    A roll of bathroom tissue in a white-tiled bathroom

    Digestive Disorders

    Natural Ways To Avoid & Relieve Irregularity

    What does it mean to be regular? What does it mean to be constipated? Most people average a bowel movement somewhere between once a day…

    A smiling woman wearing a purple bike helmet and drinking from a plastic water bottle


    Which Water Bottle Is Right For You?

    Drinking water before, during, and post-workout is vital to your performance. Aside from working out, the average person needs about 8-10 glasses of water a…

    A smiling man looking off to the side


    10 Cancer Symptoms Men Ignore

    We get it. Most men do not like going to the doctor. The problem is that diseases like cancer happen, whether it’s diagnosed or not.…