Daily Archive: November 26, 2012

    Oprah Winfrey wearing a pink dress at O You event

    Breast Cancer

    Oprah’s Breast Cancer Scare

    Oprah Winfrey took 5,000 audience members, including her best friend Gayle King, for a wild ride recently when she announced she suffered a breast cancer…

    A loaf of french bread in a wicker basket

    Is Bread Your Enemy?

    If you’re a bread lover, chances are you have a love/hate relationship with this kitchen staple. We curse bread, rolls, and bagels for disrupting our…

    A row of clear vitamin D pills on a white surface


    Vitamin D Deficiency Can Raise Diabetes Risk

    Low levels of Vitamin D in the blood can contribute to a person’s risk of developing Type 1 diabetes, new research has found. A study…

    A man leaning down while working out on an exercise bike


    Is Working Out Making You Overeat?

    When most people finish a workout, they want a reward for all that hard work, which usually involves food. This makes sense, right? After burning…