Daily Archive: December 19, 2012

    A woman applying lotion from a bottle into her hand

    Skin and Beauty

    How To Avoid Dry Skin: The 7 Golden Rules

    “Xerosis” is the medical term used to describe dry skin. “Ashy” is the layman’s term used to describe dry skin. Unfortunately, when it comes to…

    A studio image of a McRib sandwich sitting on a white surface


    What’s In A McRib Sandwich?

    The McDonald’s McRib sandwich, a legendary, limited-edition boneless pork sandwich, shaped to look like a rack of ribs, is back. But how much do you…

    A father and son sitting at a white table, each holding a glass of white milk


    Have People Stopped Drinking Milk?

    According to new reports, dairy farmers, milk processors and grocery chains are starting to worry. Why? There has been an ongoing decline in U.S. milk…

    Two women smiling at each other while each works out on cardio equipment


    The Best Move For Maximum Weight Loss

    You’ve probably already heard that cardio alone only does so much, and that it’s better to combine strength and cardio to burn the most fat.…