2012 Media Kit

    BlackDoctor.org is the all-important, primary destination that defines Black health. BlackDoctor.org also serves as the ideal environment for credible health oriented companies to advertise to a captive audience of Black consumers, who are also key influencers for their family and friends.

    Why Advertise?

    At BlackDoctor.org, we’ve developed programs that allow advertisers to take advantage of all we have to offer:

    • BDO’s users are Super-Influential creating word of mouth exposure for brands.
    • BDO is the largest producer of health content targeted to African Americans. We have created a trusted editorial environment that showcases original, culturally accurate content that is written by BDO’s award-winning editorial staff.
    • The nation’s leading health experts cover a variety of topics and BDO is at the center of these discussions.  There is no better place to reach Black consumers who are interested in living a healthier lifestyle.
    • BDO has the largest database of Black physicians and dentists online, as part of our free referral service.
    • BDO provides a high reach to the health-focused Black consumer.
    • BDO maintains highly efficient advertising without waste.
    • Highly creative advertising options and sponsorships

    BDO Site Stats (Comscore, Aug 2012)

    Unique Visitors mthly:  1.4 million
    Monthly Page views:      4.4 million
    Ave minutes visit:            03:16
    Age:                                       25-64
    Female:                                70%
    Male:                                     30%
    Ave. HH Income:             $75,000 yr
    Daily Email Blast:            250,000 opt-in users

    Types of Campaigns

    Run of Site

    Utilize this strategy to obtain full reach to the health conscious consumer who regularly visits BlackDoctor.org. Broadest possible exposure opportunity for your advertising message on the site with the highest reach concentration among Black consumers in a health focused environment. All ad units and web pages are available. No premium for Home Page placements.

    Contextual Sponsorships

    BlackDoctor.org offers advertisers the ability to ensure that your message is provided the most appropriate editorial contextual positioning by sponsoring a specific content area on Blackdoctor.org. All ad units are available.

    Site Sections

    • Health Conditions Channel (over 85 condition-specific channels to choose from)
    • Healthy Living (a variety of lifestyle channels, including Men’s Health,
      Women’s Health, Healthy Aging, and more).
    • Diet & Nutrition
    • Fitness
    • Weight Loss
    • Find A Doctor Search Tool
    • Video Library
    • Contests pages

    Ad Opportunities

    • Contextual Channel Sponsorships
    • High Impact Banners (ROS and specific channels)
    • Email Blasts (250,000 opt-in users), also 17 different condition-specific newsletters ranging from 15k-50k users
    • Custom Micro Site
    • Video pre-roll in our extensive BDO video library



    500,000 impressions or less:   $35
    500,001 and over:   $30

    Standard Ad Specifications:

    Banner sizes include 728×90, 300×250, 970×90 and 300×600. 

    Now that BlackDoctor.org is on the Interactive One platform, we are able to offer a wide variety of high impact creative offerings:

    Rich Media

    BlackDoctor.org accepts Unicast, Pointroll, Eyeblaster, Klipmart, Shoshkele and various other rich media. Audio and video must be user initiated. Client should provide BlackDoctor.org with tags for such creatives.

    Newsletter Sponsorship

    BlackDoctor.org does not encourage stand-alone emails, otherwise known as blasts.  These are not really effective as they tend to irritate receivers or are simply ignored/deleted. Instead, BlackDoctor.org offers advertisers the opportunity to integrate their commercial message in our “BlackDoctor Daily Medicine” newsletters.

    Drop date: Monday through Friday
    Frequency 5x per week
    Creative 300×250

    The client can also include a 400-character text message.


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