10 Things Professional Hairstylists Want Us To Stop Doing To Our Hair

  • 1. "(Stop) leaving installs in forever and wanting to come in for tightenings! Your hair breaks that way."

    Nikita Gibson, Joire's Spa & Studio IG: @Nikita__G

  • 2. "At home haircuts and trims!!"

    Brittny, Muse Textures Salon IG: @BrittmakesYuBeautiful

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  • 3. "Stop self diagnosing hair damage. Seek a professional natural hairstylist and respect their opinion."

    Fawne Smith, Salon Noa IG: @Salonnoa

  • 4. "Stop with the coconut oil and Shea butter. A quality hair product costs more than $10 and an excellent stylist will charge accordingly."

    Aeleise J. IG: @HairLoveArt

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  • 5. "Lay off the grease please! You're clogging your hair follicles; they need to breathe!"

    MaKeba Lindsay IG: @Ynotkeeb, YouTube:Ynotkeeb

  • 6. "Stop thinking that finger detangling = detangling. Please use a wide tooth comb. Contrary to popular belief, it will not rip your hair out. Don't ask me why your hair is breaking off or splitting if you haven't trimmed your hair in 1.5 years. I got's no sympathy and nothing but real tough love."

    Daria, Chicago Curl Collective IG: @DariaTheCurlArtist

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  • 7. "Stop advising stylists from tips you got from YouTube...Great tutorials but experience and education trump "kitchen beautician."

    Shear Essence Hair Salon IG: @Brwnsuga76

  • 8. "Please stop loading products in your hair before coming to get it done."

    Nikki J. IG: @MsNikkiJDotCom

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  • 9. "At home hair color."

    Keysha, The Chair Studio IG: @KeysOfBeauty

  • 10. "Stop trimming, coloring and getting advice from YouTube!"

    Shakia IG: Shockey843

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Hairstylists are frustrated for a number of reasons but mostly because a lot of women are doing things to their hair that just aren’t quite beneficial.

I decided to hit the social media streets to find out 10 things hairstylists would like us all to stop doing to our hair…NOW!

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Trust me, they had a lot to say.

The professional’s have spoken! Now, will y’all please stop?