7 Ways To Naturally Relieve Back Pain

  • Yoga

    A 2011 study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, revealed that low-back pain sufferers found great relief after taking one yoga class a week for three months, compared to those receiving conventional treatment like meds or physical therapy.

  • Pilates

    In a 2014 European Journal of Physical Rehabilitation Medicine study, researchers discovered that patients who participated in 5, one hour Pilates classes a week for a minimum of six months experienced great improvement in pain and psychological factors related to chronic back brain.

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  • Stretching

    In a British study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers found that stretching (and strengthening) is just as effective as yoga in treating back pain. “Stretching and strengthening demonstrated the largest improvement over comparisons,” to other “exercise treatments,” the study reads.

  • Stress Reduction

    Not only is learning how to manage your daily stressors good for your mental health, B\but it does wonders for back pain as well. When you're off your game, your body sets off the "fight or flight" response -- a physiological reaction that occurs in response to PTSD, hyperarousal, or acute stress. One European study argued that people prone to negative thoughts and anxiety are more likely to suffer from back pain. In other words, keep your cool!

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  • Massage Therapy

    Patients suffering from chronic low back pain and got weekly massages reported less pain after 10 weeks than those who didn't, reports a second Annals of Internal Medicine study.

  • Physical Therapy

    According to National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine (NCBI), beginning physical therapy within two weeks of onset back pain decreased the need for subsequent medical care as well as lower overall health costs.

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  • Osteopathic Manual Therapy

    Also called OMT, a chiropractor moves your back muscles by way of stretching, light pressure, and resistance – resulting in reduced tenderness and optimal function. One study which appeared in the journal Annals of Family Medicine in 2013, revealed that people who underwent OMT for 12 weeks saw a 30% reduction in their pain level.

Natural remedies for back pain

Lower back pain? You’re not alone. According to a 2013 Mayo Clinic study, back pain sends more Americans to the doctor annually than any other ailment.

Whether you’re experiencing pain related to past epidurals (like myself), recovering from an injury, neglecting to stretch prior to training dirty or simply feeling “your age,” taking a few ibuprofen (nonsteroidal anti-Inflammatory drug) to the head isn’t the end all for relief. In fact, experts have approved countless natural remedies to alleviate pain.

Here are some top picks.