10 Questions Women Should Ask Their Doctor

A woman touching her neck as she talks to her doctorA woman’s health depends on a lot of factors. Every woman should make time for healthy habits, including regular exercise, stress management and choosing the right foods. But she should also be scheduling an annual doctor checkup, so that potential problems can be spotted early. In fact, health tests and screenings can help keep you healthy not only right now, but in future.

Of course, the particular questions and concerns that you should be talking to your doctor about depend on individual health concerns and needs. But in general, every woman should make sure she’s also addressing the below ten topics with her doctor:

1. I am feeling (circle one/ all the apply): sad, anxious, angry, irritable, hopeless, worthless, post-partum depression, not like myself etc. Do you think I am depressed?

If you have been experiencing any of the above symptoms for more than a couple of weeks, without a reasonable explanation, it is imperative that you talk to your medical doctor about how you are feeling immediately.