10 Changes In Your Body Black Women Should Never Ignore

Women around the world struggle to balance work, home, children, errands and so on. Their list of things to do never ends and in this hectic lifestyle, a large number of them end up ignoring changes in your body that might be indicators or symptoms of potential health problems. New York physician Dr. Gafanovich shares the following 10 symptoms women should not ignore:

black and white image of woman with no clothes on, arms crossed covering lower region

1. Vaginal bleeding or discharge: For women who have gone through menopause, vaginal bleeding is abnormal and could be a sign of either something small like a hormonal imbalance or something big like endometrial cancer or uterine cancer. Any uncharacteristic discharge or foul-smelling discharge should be taken seriously and a doctor should be consulted.

2. Sudden or unexplained weight loss: Weight loss is usually good for you, especially if you’ve made changes in your diet or have taken up physical activity to achieve this loss. However, when your weight is coming off without any effort, it might be a cause for concern. Colon cancer is accompanied with unexplained weight loss. In case of sudden or abnormal weight loss, consult your doctor.

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3. Excessive urination: Too much urination can be indicative of several things including diabetes and uterine fibroids. Something could be wrong and its best to get it checked out.