Traveling With Children? 10 Expert Tips To Make It Easier

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Traveling with your kids can be challenging. In all the hustle and bustle of packing and making arrangements, it’s easy to forget the extra preparation steps that might make your trip a little easier.

Here are 10 tips from real moms, caregivers and travel pros on how they handle traveling with kids:

1. When you buy your flights, time them according to your child’s nap time.

“I’ve been traveling with Triston since he was 18 months. I timed my flights either during nap time or right after to make sure my child is in a pleasant mood.” — Renica Smith, mom of a 9-year-old

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2. Make moving through the airport easier with your little ones by using a carrier on wheels.

“The seats that double as a plane seat and a kid roller carrier — basically, a seat on wheels with a suitcase handle — have been a huge hit.” — Charrise Hayes, flight attendant

3. Or, use your stroller to carry everything.

“For newborn travels, I would say don’t do the small travel stroller — the bigger the better! And it holds literally everything while moving from one place to the other: drinks, jackets, purses. And, the airline will generally bump you up in line while boarding.” — Georgina Tisdale, celebrity nanny

4. Bring bags to cover any strollers and car seats.

“When you gate check strollers or car seats, use a bag to keep them covered because the baggage handlers just throw them around.” — Nicole Watson, mom of a 9-month- and 5-year-old

5. Get you children acclimated to airplanes while waiting to board your flight.

“We watched the planes take off and land at the airport before we boarded so he wasn’t so overwhelmed.” — Marjani Williams, mom of a 3-year-old