How To Keep Dad Healthy

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It is quite common for men to ignore physical symptoms and health problems — taking a huge gamble with their lives. Research finds that men are 24 percent less likely than women to have visited their doctor.

In addition, men are about 30 percent more likely than women to be hospitalized for preventable conditions such as congestive heart failure and complications from diabetes.

Men are so good at taking care of their cars—tell them to think of their bodies in the same way.

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Remind Him To Go To The Doctor

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Dads simply cannot ignore the importance of certain tests, and he should be going to the doctor at least once a year for important checks and screenings. Just some of the exams he needs include blood pressure, blood tests for cholesterol, protein, prostate and thyroid function, and a colonoscopy.

Remind Him To Eat Better

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Dads are well known for not having the best eating habits. The problem with this is that not only isn’t he getting the daily nutrients he needs, but he’s probably running the risk of gaining weight, thus putting unnecessary strain on his heart and other organs. Also, when people have poor diets, they tend to be unhappier. So help dad out by stressing the importance of eating healthier. Prepare a healthy meal with him. When and if you two go out to dinner, make sure you both order healthier options. Also, make sure that, if necessary, he’s taking the vitamins and  supplements that his doctor recommends.

Remind Him To Work Out

Everybody needs to exercise. Including dad. Considering that the majority of heart disease patient’s are men, and that the majority of those cases can be prevented with exercise, make sure you help your dad get more active. Go on walks or runs with him. Be a buddy at the gym. Maybe even register and train with him for a marathon walk or run for charity.

Remind Him To Relax

Most dads work way too hard. So it’s very important to help encourage him to smile more and stress less by making sure he takes time to wind down. Buy him a spa certificate for a massage. Watch funny movies with him. Or, simply encourage him to get enough rest every night.