10 Ways To Lose 10 Pounds Without Even Trying

African American woman measuring fat with caliper
Who wants to count calories or diet? We hear you. But you can keep your weight steady or even drop a few pounds without any special effort. It’s true! It’s the little, everyday moves that make the weight melt off naturally.

Read on to learn what they are.

1 – Just Do A Little Bit More

If you ride the bus, get off three stops early and walk part of the route. If you walk, walk faster. If you run, run farther. These small tweaks will seriously raise your body’s metabolic rate, and you’ll see a few pounds drop off in a few months without changing anything else.

2 – Rethink Cheese

Americans eat, on average, around 30 pounds of cheese a year! You can slash hundreds of calories a week if you stop eating whole cheese, which is high in saturated fat and sodium, and reach for low- or no-fat varieties or tofu to get your calcium.

3 – Power Up Your Yogurt

Combine 2 tablespoons finely ground zero-sugar cereal (such as Post Shredded Wheat Cereal), 2 teaspoons chopped walnuts, 4 tablespoons whole or 2% low-fat yogurt, 1 tablespoon organic lemon juice, 1 teaspoon honey, and 1 teaspoon flaxseed oil—for five mornings in a row, plus fish, poultry, or eggs and tons of veggies for lunch and dinner. Not only will you feel better, but you will shed up to 3 to 5 pounds in a week, while giving your body necessary nutrients and boosting your energy level.

4 – Rest Well

Sleep at least 7 hours a night to help regulate the hunger hormone, ghrelin. Researchers at the University of Chicago found that dieters who spent eight and a half hours in bed lost 55% more body fat than dieters who got five and a half hours of shut-eye. The more sleep you get, the less hungry you’ll be, and the more likely you are to lose weight.

5 – Stand Up
Yes, simply standing up while you work or while you watch TV at home can help.  Studies show that people that stand more during the day lose an average of 7 – 10 pounds more than those who do not.  (*singing*) “Get up, stand up! Stand up for your weight!” lol