Black Owned: Fashion Under $100

Chi Chi Reverent is an online boutique that offers designer clothing for less than $100. It is black owned and most importantly owned and maintained by a woman. ChiChi Nwadiogbu started the fiscally conscious shop a year ago,it took 30 days to build. “We wanted to make sure that we promoted individualism and encouragement for individuals to express themselves through fashion,” said the entrepreneur. With several different designers contributing to the site, Chi Chi has a collection of fine pieces for sale!

We spoke with Chi Chi about the hardships of starting a business as a black woman and he fashion inspirations:

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How hard is it to start a business as a black woman?

Today women owned businesses are growing at a rapid rate and minority-owned businesses account for a large portion of the growth. My number one obstacle when starting my business was capital. Unfortunately, minority women are the least likely to raise external capital funds successfully but there are a lot of new initiative on the forefront that will help with this in the future. For me I have the passion for the industry but really had to buckle down and take the time to educate myself and do my financials in order to make my dream a reality.