11 Ways To Set Yourself Up For A Stress-Free Day

woman relaxing in grass

We’ve all had that feeling of having woke up on the wrong side of the bed, which can set the tone for your entire day if you let. Here are 11 simple steps that will help you to better prep for your mornings, and eliminate a stressful start to your day:

1. Prepare your outfit.

It may seem like an annoying and tedious task, but think about how much more annoying and even stressful it is to take care of this simple task under the time constraints of the morning. Having picked out your outfit and prepped it (i.e., iron) the night before will have you waking up feeling organized and ready to take on your day!

2. Pre-set the coffeemaker.

Are you the type that can’t have a full conversation until you’ve gotten your morning cup of joe? Prepare your coffeemaker’s settings so that you can wake up to the smell of your favorite brew, and have it ready as soon as you are!

3. Prep your lunch. 

If you like to save money and time, make your lunch the night before. It may seem juvenile, but running out the door and only having to grab your already made lunch in your grown up (or Hello Kitty) lunch box makes your day just a little be easier, and likely healthier!