11-Year-Old Boy Dies By Suicide After Being Bullied for His Weight

(Photo credit: GoFundMe)

Phillip Spruill, a handsome 11-year old older brother from Philadelphia, committed suicide apparently after being bullied repeatedly for months by his classmates. The fifth grader, who was targeted by bullies because of his weight, took his own life with a belt wrapped around his neck twice. A horrifying sight when his mother found him earlier this month.

“He was a very sensitive little boy. He loved to laugh. He loved to play. He wanted to make friends with everybody he saw. He was a very kind little boy,” Phillip’s grandmother, Linda Lash-Smith, said in an interview on Sirius XM’s The Clay Cane Show.

Lash-Smith added that while her grandson, who goes to Benjamin B. Comegys Elementary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, wouldn’t show the other kids that he is bothered by the hurtful comments, he often came home crying to her and his parents because of it.