The Top 3 Causes Of Cancer

2. Breast cancer
First among Hispanic* women.
Second among white, black, Asian/Pacific Islander, and American Indian/Alaska Native women.

3.Colorectal cancer
Third among women of all races and Hispanic* origin populations.

What’s Causing It?

1.) Your Smoking (even Hookah)

Yes, people still smoke. Smoking is the most significant preventable cause of Cancer. Cigarette boxes warn of the likelihood of cigarette use causing Cancer and people STILL choose to smoke. It’s something about directly inhaling something that harmful to you that has a direct effect to cancer. You’ll have better odds with a game of Russian roulette. Men who smoke are a third more likely to be hospitalized than non-smoking men. Smoking had been found to be a risk factor in most cancers, not just lung cancer as most people believe.

2.) Lack of Exercise

Maintaining a healthy weight is also key – this involves exercise and diet. As far as exercise, the amount required is truly minimal. I am referring to approximately 30 mins per day of any cardiovascular exercise – running, treadmill, cross-trainer, power walking, swimming etc. Any exercise that will get your heart rate up to its target heart rate (220-age) will suffice.

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3.) Your Diet

Diet is a little more complicated. To make it simple, fruits and vegetables should comprise the majority of your diet. Fish and red meat are ok for most people when taken in moderation. We should all try to reduce our intake of sodas, excess salt, fried foods, sweet desserts and foods with preservatives – just to name a few.

While sun exposure, family history and other carcinogens play a role, cancer prevention is doable. It’s in your hands so start taking responsibility!


Reviewed by: Dr. Melvin Gaskins

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