Bria Murphy Talks Mom On “Hollywood Exes,” Following In Eddie Murphy’s Footsteps & Dark & Lovely [PHOTOS]

Bria MurphyHaving a famous last name can get your foot, well, your entire leg into the door of opportunity. Bria Murphy knows this, but doesn’t rely on the silver spoon she was born handling to determine where she’s headed in her career. Bria Murphy is the daughter of Eddie and Nicole Murphy and is making her own waves in the industry.

As Dark & Lovely‘s newest spokesmodel, Bria’s beauty was the perfect fit for the trusted hair brand. Dark & Lovely has launched a few new products that are going to make women of color’s lives so much easier. The Anti-Reversion Smoothing Serum is a product that can be used between relaxers that give hair that “just relaxed” look. It also protects from humidity, reduces frizz, straightens new growth and creates smoothness. It’s your must-have accessory for the summer.

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Speaking of summer–this is the time that most women lighten their hair or give in to rocking a funky color. Bria assured me that Dark & Lovely’s new “Chocolate Bliss” collection will allow women of color the security of dying their hair without the risk. “Chocolate Bliss” boasts fade-resistant, vibrant and healthy hair color that will change the way women that use relaxers and natural women think of coloring their hair.

We got a chance to chat with Bria Murphy about working with Dark & Lovely, her fashion & beauty tips, how she feels about her mom, Nicole Murphy being on “Hollywood Exes” and why she’s acting, but won’t be a reflection of her famous father, Eddie Murphy.