6 Ways You’re Wrecking Your Blood Sugar (And How To Fix It)

A man biting into a whole pizza while sitting on his sofaType 2 diabetes is a tough disease. It requires constant vigilance to keep your blood sugar level under control. It also requires avoiding some common mistakes, many of which are the product of long-held bad habits.

Here are six mistakes that you should learn to avoid and what to do differently.

1. Not Knowing Your Disease

You are your own doctor 99.9% of the time, meaning that you are the one watching your diet, making sure you exercise, and taking your medication on schedule. Understanding how diabetes works will help you make better decisions about how to monitor and manage it. Classes on coping with diabetes are an excellent but underused resource.

2. Expecting Too Much Too Soon

One of the biggest hurdles in controlling your blood sugar is sticking to the necessary adjustments you must make to your eating and exercise habits. Many patients become frustrated and give up because they don’t see results right away. Most people expect something dramatic is going to happen right away. But expecting too much change right away is a mistake. So is doing too much before you are ready, especially when it comes to exercise. Start off slowly and ease into the habit.

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Also, be sure to talk with your health-care provider before starting a new exercise program, especially if you aren’t already active. He or she can help plan a routine that’s safe and effective, as well as set realistic goals.

3. Going At It Alone

There are a lot of resources out there to help you manage your disease. Don’t ignore the fact that one of the most helpful might be right there at home. Spouses, partners, friends, and family members can all make…