Red Carpet Manicure Suggests Back To School Nail Trends! [PHOTOS]

rihanna yellow nailsIt’s that time of year again. I can hear the school bells ringing from here. Back to school is a bittersweet time of year when the summer’s coming to a close, but you’re thrust back in the mix of classes, assignments, hallways and books. At least there’s a perk for every young lady out there that likes to keep her fingertips dipped in the trendiest nail colors and patterns and that’s the latest DIY manicures from Red Carpet Manicure!

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The DIY trend in manicures is becoming more common–allowing ladies to change their nail colors as much as they change their minds. We sat down with Gina Eppolito–the manicurist responsible for the nails of Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jada Pinkett Smith, among others–to chat about DIY manicures, hot summer and back to school trends and more.

What do you like best about DIY manicures?

DIY manicures allow you to create your own vision of your nails and to truly appreciate original creativity. Some of my best memories of doing my own nails were when I first started to create my own nail designs in my parents basement when I was 15 years old.

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