120-Pound Weight Loss: “Discipline Beats Motivation”

(Photo credit: @Fi_Curved Instagram)

When it comes to healthy weight loss and weight loss transformations, real ones are hard to come by. You don’t know what to believe when people are promoting weight-loss teas or whatever programs that don’t show the true results. That is why when a few of our Instagram fans messaged us with this woman as their #bodygoals, we knew we had to take a deeper look.

Enter a woman simply as Firyal or @Fi_Curved as she’s known on Instagram. The woman has a real body and shares her real-life mental struggle with weight loss that she overcame to lose 110 pounds! We applaud her not only in her tremendous weight loss transformation but her attitude and poise to help other be healthier.

She looks amazing and has a heart to share. You can see throughout her posts she drops little nuggets on how you too can overcome what is stopping you from truly living healthy.