120-Pound Weight Loss: Prayers, Progress, And Patience

(Photo credit: @_takasiasfitjourney IG)

Like or not, real weight loss takes work. That’s why we are so proud when we see people who have taken their time, energy and resources to literally transform their lifestyle to transform their body naturally. And that’s exactly what Takasia did.

Takasia had ballooned up to 309 pounds and went into a deep dark depression about her weight. So much so, she had thoughts of death. But it was at that low point in her life that she made a decision and started changing her body and her life day by day to now weighing under 170 pounds! In her own words, here’s how she did it:

“I have two kids and at the time I was a stay at home. I pretty much just ate my life away,” Takasia says on her YouTube channel. “I fell into depression because I was overweight. I was eating because I was born and started having crazy thoughts about death and it started really messing with my life. I didn’t want to be around anybody and didn’t want to do anything.”

(Photo credit: @_takasiasfitjourney IG)

Loose Skin
“I tried to my best to avoid loose skin but I do have some on my breast, on my arms, and on my legs. I don’t have much, but I weight train. I also add protein and water. But it’s just skin.”

“I was doing weights and cardio the same day. Now, I only do cardio 20 minutes a day. I juice every day. I love green juice and beets. In the morning I have a juice before the gym, and after the gym, I’ll have an egg or oatmeal or smoothie. For my midday snack, I eat almonds, for lunch, I’ll have a salad or steamed fish. The second snack of the day I’ll have cheese. For dinner, I’ll have salmon, fish and or steamed veggies.”

(Photo credit: @_takasiasfitjourney IG)

Maintaining Her Weight
“Do not weigh yourself during the daytime and don’t weigh yourself during your menstrual cycle. Don’t weigh yourself often period. I weigh myself at the beginning and the end of the month. I still stick to my low carbs, 1500 calories a day and my 6 to 8 bottles of water a day.”

Takasia does something that I think we should all do: celebrate the wins! When we have a win,…