Coloring Natural Hair The Right Way [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

I’ve worn weaves and wigs for the last five years. And through those years I developed a love/hate relationship with the million and one different looks that the sewn in tresses provided. Underneath the fake hair, my real hair was in a state of struggle. I was going natural three years in to my five year relationship with weaves and wigs, but I wasn’t truly taking care of my hair. When I was rocking the weaves, I barely saw my own hair. It stayed braided tightly under tracks. Then I started rocking wigs to make it easier to access my own natural hair.

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I would wash, condition, twist and leave it alone week by week underneath the wigs. Still, I wasn’t giving my hair much love, so it was usually dry, matted,  knotted and just a mess under the various wigs I would rock. While weaves and wigs allowed me to switch up my style as often as I wanted, there was something about wearing hair that wasn’t mine that I was growing weary of.

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