Do This, Live Longer

A variety of different types of chocolate-dipped fruit
Can you live forever just by adopting healthier everyday habits? It’d be nice, but unfortunately, there is no study that supports this. However, multiple studies DO show that trying any of the below easy-to-follow tips can help extend your life – as well as help you feel good and increase the quality of your everyday life.

Eat Chocolate. Dark chocolate, that is. Regular consumption of a chocolate relieves stress and helps keep your heart healthier. Plus, indulging a little bit every day is actually a great way to help you stick to your overall health goals, such as working out and eating right. Eat only a small square a day, since sugar control is something else that helps promote a longer life.

Eat More Green Veggies. Research has shown that societies that eat plant-based diets and lean proteins live longer. Additionally, a recent study linked the amount of red meat in your diet to your actual risk of death. Try limiting your red meat intake to two or three servings a week.

Get More Sleep. Study after study shows that African Americans in general are not getting enough sleep. A recent study found that women who slept for between five and six and a half hours a night survived longer than those who slept for more than eight or fewer than five. What’s the big deal? Not only can adequate rest help you be more productive and live longer, a lack of sleep can increases risks of obesity and multiple health conditions, including heart disease and certain cancers.

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