6 Reasons You Should Try Yoga

… the group who took the classes and those who followed the videos at home saw significant improvements with lower back pain compared to the control group.

4. Yoga improves balance, flexibility, and muscular strength

Another study took a group of people who never performed yoga before.  They completed two sessions per week for 8 weeks and saw significant improvements in balance, flexibility, and upper and lower body muscular strength.  Another similar study found that yoga even helped improve muscular endurance.  Although there were no significant changes in body composition these were pretty amazing results.

5. Yoga can help with depression

While if you are suffering from serious depression you should be seeking help from a professional therapist, we all have suffered from times when we are feeling down.  A study was conducted with cancer survivors who complete 7 weeks of yoga training.  They found that after the 7 weeks those who did the yoga experienced positive changes in emotional function, reduced depression, and reduced mood disturbances.  One of the most beneficial aspects of yoga is its ability to help reduce stress.  If you are feeling run down, depressed, or just stressed out, give a yoga class a try and see how you feel after.

6. Yoga can give you better body awareness

Having a keen sense of your body has a plethora of benefits. For starters, you will be less likely to overeat, you’ll know exactly which foods serve your body best, you’ll respect your body’s need to get more rest or get more exercise, and you’ll experience heightened sensual pleasure during sex.


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