Why Do Black Women Die More From Breast Cancer?

…48 percent higher risk for breast cancer death in the first three years after diagnosis compared with non-Hispanic white women. After three years, non-Hispanic black women had a 34 percent increased risk for breast cancer death.

III. Race and weight impact breast cancer survival: High body mass index and waist-to-hip ratios show increased risk for breast cancer death. But race plays a role, as well. One study supports the common lifestyle recommendation to maintain a healthy weight throughout life, but the long-term impact of weight on survival after breast cancer might not be the same in all patients.

IV. Black patients receive less clinical trial information than white patients: Oncologists provide black patients with less information overall about cancer clinical trials compared with white patients. A study examined 22 video-recorded interactions between oncologists and patients during which a clinical trial was offered. Data revealed that clinical trial interactions with black patients were shorter overall and included less discussion of clinical trials compared with interactions with white patients. Key aspects of consent were also discussed less with black patients than with white patients, especially the purpose of the trial and risks of participation.

However, the researchers found that oncologists spoke more about voluntary participation with black breast cancer patients than with white patients.

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