CHICK CHAT: Skinny Women Can’t Wear Everything They Want

We often hear, “Just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you need to wear it.” A very true statement; however, most of the time it’s said, it’s in reference to a more curvy or plus size woman. And while I do agree that voluptuous women have wardrobe limitations, I wholeheartedly believe that skinny girls do too!

My whole life I’ve heard, “Oh you’re so small; you can wear anything.” Society has adopted this false concept that size zeros and twos can wear literally anything and still look amazing. Most of my graceful, stick figure counterparts have bought into this and it pains my style senses when I see one who belongs on my team, out and about strutting in a getup that does absolutely nothing but display her frame in the most boyishly prepubescent way ever.

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I was reminded of this a few weeks ago on Instagram. All was well as I scrolled down my feed of everything from finished makeup looks to home-cooked creations. And then, there she was–my boney sister from another mister standing with her hands on her hips in a model 101 pose–wearing a tank, spandex and stilettos. She posed at just enough of an angle to showcase her non-existent rear. At first I thought it was some sort of joke… but it wasn’t. I read the few comments to see if any other followers were as disturbed as I was but none, not a one.

One admirer even wrote, “#WERK”—a very strong word only to be used in rare instances of exceptional fierceness! The shiny 80s-inspired neon pink tights were capri length and super cute, just not on her. They slimmed her little legs even more, making her look shapeless and just plain pitiful. You could literally see the outline of every bone in her knee. As annoyed as I was, I knew that it wasn’t even her fault. The poor thing has probably been hearing her whole entire life that there’s absolutely nothing she can’t pull off and as an innocent skinny mini who knew no better, she believed it.