How To Age Gracefully & Graciously

shari blackdoctorIn a society that seems only to idolize what’s new and young, it can be hard to accept seeing the signs of time on our faces and bodies.

Thankfully, we live in an era of being able to fix, hide or camouflage just about anything. However, one thing remains true, you can lie about your age, refuse to tell your age and even successfully mask your age but in the end, age is about far more than just the way we look.

Take a look at beautiful actress, Shari Headley, who many of us know as Lisa McDowell from the hit classic movie, “Coming To America.” With the movie going on to be nearly 30 years old, the beautiful 50 year old actress makes 50 look so effortlessly good.  Here’s what she along with other women like her have learned:

Remember when you were in first grade, your teacher seemed old. In our teens, 20’s were intriguing, yet light years away from anything we could fathom.  Life has a way of changing and expanding what we consider old the closer we approach that age. It’s amazing how young 70 seems when you’re in your 50’s.