How To Redirect Your Anger

Close-up of a young businessman looking sideways
It’s normal to get angry at times. Screaming or fuming for hours after the driver in front of you failed to use their turn signal is not. Uncontrolled anger is a danger to your health, your job your marriage, your relationships and most importantly, your life.

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Does your mad-o-meter go from zero to a hundred the moment something unpleasant or unfair happens? Do you become violently angry when you see (or think) someone is cutting in front of you in line? Do you find yourself screaming in outrage at your children, coworkers or friends when you become displeased or embarrassed? If you’re nodding your head yes, stop right now and take a few moments to read these tips on how to ice down that fiery temper.


Yes, you’ve heard it before and it sounds too easy to be effective but counting to ten can help give you time to get your thoughts in order and your emotions back in check. Resist the urge to simply number the righteous reasons for your anger. Concentrate on counting, giving a slight pause between each. If you are a praying person you may give yourself a ten word emergency prayer instead of using the numbers. Example: Lord (pause) help (pause) me (pause) to (pause) take (pause) control (pause) of (pause) myself (pause) right (pause) now.



There are almost always negative consequences when we react in anger. Are you sure you are anger at the right things or the right people? Re-trace your anger to ensure that you are making the most of your time.  Maybe your anger is showing you that something needs to be done or you need to…