What To Wear To ANY Holiday Party & Look Ah-Mazing

what to wear to a holiday party

By now, your calendar should be overflowing with festive holiday themed events. If you’re like me, you’re still debating on whether or not you should make a cameo at your company holiday event. Although you may have overbooked that gorgeous smile of yours and your fresh new hair style, you still have one huge task ahead of you. What to wear?

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Lucky for you, I’m a pro at deciding what look will work perfectly with any event’s personality. Some events require statement outwear. You might have to hike it a trillion New York blocks to get to your destination-never know who or what you may encounter along the way. Other events need way more boom and jazz to your look. I mean, what other time of the year is it totally appropriate to wear head to toe sparkle and glitter?

Here’s three event scenarios and my wardrobe solutions. Check it out.