The 5 Best Ways To Avoid The Flu

Black person washing with soap and water

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released a report warning that flu season has come early-and it’s coming on strong. While in most years, incidence of flu picks up in January and peaks in February, the latest numbers from the last few weeks of November show that flu season has officially arrived.

The annual flu season hit about a month early this year, and illness is now widespread in 48 states. Many cases are caused by a flu strain that tends to make people sicker. Experts have already begun predicting that this could be the worst flu season in nearly a decade.

Traditional flu symptoms range from sniffles and chills to a high fever that keeps you home from work all week, or worse-flu lands 200,000 people in the hospital each year and kills more than 30 thousand in this country alone. There are antiviral drugs that can make you feel a little better and shorten the illness’s duration.

Here are five things doctors say to do to help keep yourself flu-free: