Lung Cancer: Greater Awareness Needed

illustration of human lungsNovember is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, joining more than 200 other health awareness days that range from breast cancer and heart disease to foot health and motorcycle safety.

With such a crowded disease-of-the-month awareness calendar, I can understand why many of them don’t make headlines, even if past events have contributed to increased testing, improved diagnosis and better disease outcomes.

However, whether it’s part of an official awareness month or not, greater awareness and diligence are still greatly needed for many diseases — particular lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Claims More Lives Than Most Other “Popular” Cancers Combined

Lung cancer is a disease that claims more lives each year than breast, prostate and colorectal cancers combined.   Tobacco use accounts for nearly 87 percent of all lung cancer deaths each year,  although some 10 percent of lung cancer diagnoses are found in people who have never smoked.

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