What, Where & How: Your 10-Step Plan To Eating Healthy

woman standing thinkingThere are a lot of healthy foods that can help you lose the weight you want and keep it off.  Here are the ten simple healthy eating habits:

1. What to eat – No magic food causes weight loss and no food is inherently fattening. Eat a variety of foods from meat, legumes, dairy, grains, fruits, vegetables and small amount of fat daily.

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Vegetables and fruits are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Carbohydrates in fruits, milk, grains and legumes will give you quick energy for the first 2 hours while protein in milk, meat and legumes will keep you satisfied for 4 hours. The fat in meat and milk as well as fat added to foods will keep you satisfied for 6 hours.

2. Where to eat – Eliminate eating in the car, bus, train, walking, standing or on the phone. Make time to eat meals and snacks by sitting down at a table. People that eat on the go tend to eat more and more of the wrong things.  It’s just like the age-old saying, “if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”

3. When to eat Eat breakfast and two other meals each day. People who eat breakfast are less likely to snack in the evening. Eat at least every 4 to 6 hours when awake rather than waiting until your stomach starts growling.

4. How much to eat Calories count. Choose smaller portion sizes. Forget those super sizes as they are expensive to your waistline.

5. Shopping & eating out If you don’t buy it or make it, food has a hard time finding its way into your mouth. Shop from a grocery list and after a meal when you are not hungry to limit impulse buying. In restaurants, if you aren’t sure how a food is prepared ask. When your food is served, divide off what you are going to eat and…