Nick Cannon Suffers Kidney Failure

Nick Cannon smiling in a pinstripe suit( — Nick Cannon has been hospitalized in Aspen, CO for mild kidney failure during a recent trip, according to his wife Mariah Carey.

“This is a role-reversal. Last year it was me attached to the machines (after having dembabies) and Nick was there with me through it, and now here we are,” Carey says.

She asked fans to “please pray for Nick…because it’s a serious moment that’s very tough on all of us.”

Carey did not explain the source of Cannon’s condition, his medical background, or how long he is expected to be hospitalized.

Blacks & Kidney Disease: The Outlook Today…


Kidney disease results from damage to the nephrons, the tiny structures inside your kidneys that filter blood. Usually the damage occurs very gradually over years. It happens in both kidneys. There aren’t any obvious symptoms, so you generally don’t even know it’s happening.

• Approximately 20 million Americans have kidney disease.

• The number of
people diagnosed with kidney disease has doubled each decade for the
last two decades.

• African Americans make up 12 percent of the
population, but account for 30 percent of people with kidney failure.

• African American males ages 22 – 44 are 20 times more likely to
develop kidney failure due to high blood pressure than Caucasian males
in the same age group.

• Forty-five percent of African American men with kidney failure received late referrals to nephrologists. In some cases people were not aware they had a problem until they needed dialysis.

• The most common causes of kidney failure are diabetes and high blood pressure.

• Diabetes and high blood pressure account for 70 percent of kidney failure in Blacks.

• Early kidney disease has no symptoms, and can become kidney failure with little or no warning if left undetected.

• If detected early, kidney disease can be effectively treated.

To find out how to keep your kidneys healthy, read: 6 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Kidneys.

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