WHO: A “Global Health Epidemic” For Women

A profile image of a businesswoman against a dark backgroundAccording to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) first major review of violence against women, more than a third of all women worldwide are victims of domestic violence, including physical and/or sexual, posing a series of global health issues of epidemic proportions.

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Women are attacked by their husbands or boyfriends tend to suffer from very specific acute and chronic health problems, including broken bones, bruises, pregnancy complications, depression, alcohol-related health disorders and other mental illnesses, according to the report. Violence against women can also lead to sexually transmitted infections, and alcohol-related health disorders.

The report, co-authored by Watts and Claudia Garcia-Moreno of the WHO, found that almost two fifths (38 percent) of all women murder victims were murdered by intimate partners, and 42 percent of women who have been victims of physical or sexual violence by a partner have injuries as a result.