3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Going Natural

young woman face natural makeupAre you still debating on whether or not to go natural? The decision can be a hard one because the choice requires a commitment.  When going natural you have to commit to a different way of caring for your hair.  You have to have a great deal of patience to deal with the new texture of your hair as it is not the same as what you have been used to.

Whether you are considring doing the big chop or just letting your natural hair grown in, here are a few questions you need to consider before going natural:

1.) Can I Deal With Changed Opinions?
Despite the fact that more women than ever are embracing their natural texture, some people hold onto outdated stereotypes and myths about black hair. Some people’s identities are tied to their hair (yes, it’s true for some). If you’re very confident, you can deal with that, but others may be bothered by constant negativity expressed by friends and family. Even if your first day with natural locks isn’t the best, you need to know if you’re the type who can handle the pressure from naysayers, and eventually become more sure of yourself and your style. Yes, you can have bad hair days with natural hair too, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon the style totally–it just means you had a bad hair day. If you’re the type to let negative comments get to you (which isn’t surprising when they come from people we love), decide how you can handle them before making your move to natural hair.

2.) Are You Mentally Ready For A Changed Look?
When you do change your hair from relaxed to natural, many of us take a look at photos online and see which styles we’d like. But in doing that, we don’t necessarily know how we’d feel when we actually do go natural after years and years of having another style of hair. Some women comment on how emotional it is changing their hair style, so be sure to possibly wear a wig or take a nice long look in the mirror so at least you get a “sneak peek” of what the “new you” will look like.

3.) Am I Ready to Spend More Time on My Hair?
Sure, a teeny weeny afro (TWA) is the ultimate low-maintenance hairdo, but as your hair grows, it will require more upkeep and care. You’ll need to condition and moisturize your tresses routinely, and with products that they love. Detangling natural hair isn’t as quick and easy as detangling straightened hair; neither is shampooing. If you’re the type who wants to jump from bed to shower to out-the-door in mere minutes, long natural hair may not be for you (though a short ‘fro might work out perfectly).

Here are a few tips if you do decide to go natural:

Avoid Heat
Excessive heat styling is dangerous as it compromises protein bonds. Using heat as a crutch while transitioning can result in an uneven curl pattern, loss of curl and breakage. Sadly, this damage is irreversible and you’ll be facing yet another transition.

Try Low Manipulation Styles
Choose styles that seamlessly blend the two textures (and don’t stress your edges!). Twist and braid-outs, pin curls, roller sets, buns and braids should be your style staples. Handle your hair gently and infrequently and remember to moisturize….